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All photos on this website are available for print. Simply click the "Buy" button below the image and choose from a variety of print mediums from Kodak Lustre Paper to iPhone cases. If you are interested in my signature metal prints please just message me by clicking the mail icon above so I can custom order your piece. 

The Photographer

My images are ultimately the story I have to tell about my relationship with the wild through a colorfully developed artistic realization of our beautiful planet. I became addicted to photography the same time I became addicted to traveling. Raised in California, I've always had a deep appreciation for nature, but I didn't find photography until I graduated University and began my travels around Europe with a camera. After a few years backpacking around the Globe, there wasn't a doubt in my mind that I wanted to devote every ounce of effort to Nature Photography. Since then, I've tried to wholeheartedly explore and capture mother nature's finest by living in the mountains when not traveling, most recently in Lake Tahoe of California.       



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